Diana Wilhelmsen Management Limited


The Technical Department lies in the heart of Diana Wilhelmsen Management Limited. It is responsible for the technical supervision, superintendence, maintenance and attendance of dry dockings and repairs necessary to achieve the maximum efficiency of the vessels under management.

It consists of experienced professionals who ensure that each vessel under management attains the highest standards of safety, maintenance and efficiency so as to maintain full compliance with the requirements and recommendations of the Classification Societies, the applicable laws and regulations of the country of registry of the vessel, and of the places where she trades, and with the industry’s highest standards so as to provide high quality transportation services.

The technical team aims to minimize vessels’ non-trading days, while ensuring the highest level of quality service is achieved. This is achieved through a top quality service in running vessels and monitoring their progress through regular inspections, planned maintenance and technical upgrading. Through our close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, combined with our bulk purchasing power, we are able to obtain ship supplies at the most competitive rates.