Diana Wilhelmsen Management Limited


At Diana Wilhelmsen Management Limited, we take our responsibility to our owners, customers, staff and the general public very seriously. To ensure that we are always meeting our own high standards, we follow a clear strategy based upon certified quality management and environmental performance systems.

Our global Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Department is our quality assurance system in place with the purpose and objective of implementing safeguards against all identified risk and committing to continuous improvement.

The HSEQ Department’s objective is to ensure that the services we provide are delivered in a safe and environmentally friendly way, targeting zero accidents and minimal impact to the environment.

The department’s role is to implement, both on board and ashore, an efficient, continuously evolving Safety and Environmental Management System capable of exceeding industry requirements.

The HSEQ Department strives to:

  • Comply with and continuously seek to improve on applicable health, safety, security and environment laws, rules, regulations, international industry standards and other related internal and external requirements;
  • Utilize our safety and environmental management systems to achieve continual improvement, including setting HSEQ objectives and performing regular audits and reviews;
  • Actively engage all levels of management and employees in HSEQ performance;
  • Continuously improve safety management skills and promote safety culture of all personnel ashore and aboard ships;
  • Identify training needs of all personnel ashore and aboard ships in order to effectively and efficiently implement our Safety and Environmental Policy;
  • Effectively implement our enhanced environmental standards and prevent deviations from such procedures; and
  • Demonstrate zero tolerance for any non-compliance with our Safety and Environmental Policy or any applicable rules or regulations.